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Our environment is the most luxurious thing we have. Let's make the world green again together.

About Us

Company European Luxury Trade s.r.o. was established on 18th October 2013 as an import/export company focused on Chinese market. In September 2014 we have established European Luxury International Trade Co.,Ltd - a subsidiary in China which had better contacts with the Asian market and which was executing exports and imports of goods between Europe and China. As the time passed by, the company has shifted it’s focus to the business with raw and recycled materials.

Since October 2017 we are fully participating and leading environmental projects focused on materials recovery of plastic waste, rubber and glass or production of secondary fuels for kilns. We are also providing solutions for sorting and recycling centers both for the regular materials and for the problematic ones. Feel free to contact us with any inquiry, question or a proposal.

Plastic waste solutions

We are supplying recovery facilities with materials from sorting and recycling systems.

Recovery of materials sorted out from communal wastes

We arrange the processing of materials from communal wastes under codes R3 and R12.

Secondary fuel production

We can also offer material recovery at our contracted secondary fuel production plants.

Burning in kilns

We are supplying kilns around the Europe with Secondary Fuels from our sources.

Import / export activities

We are still providing import/export of products from Asia on demand. If you need assistance or partner for your import/export activities, we can be your solution.

Feel free to contact us regarding any of projects above.


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